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2017 AWARD Top 20 Haunted Attractions in the Nation

2017 AWARD Most Authentic Movie Villians

2017 AWARD Highest Rated Costuming

2017 AWARD Best Lighting

2017 AWARD Best Costumes

2017 AWARD Realistic Horror Movie Scenes

2017 AWARD One of Louisville’s Top Halloween Attractions

2017 AWARD Most Intimidating Chainsaw Attacker (Leatherface: James Moore)

2017 AWARD Shout Out Award to the Actor Portraying Dr. Frankenstein (Bryan Schneider)

2017 AWARD Shout Out Award to the Actor Portraying Bloody Mary (Kisha Johnson)

2017 AWARD Best Mask – The Devil (Todd Merriman)

2016 AWARD One of the MOST Unique Haunted Attractions (only 13 selected regionally)

2016 AWARD  Rated #1 Haunted Attraction in Kentucky

2016 AWARD Ranked as One of the Top Haunted Attractions in the Nation (only 50 selected)

2016 AWARD One of Louisville’s Top Halloween Attractions

2016 AWARD One of the Top 10 Haunted Attractions

2016 AWARD Highest Rated Cast Award

2016 AWARD Most Authentic Movie Villains Award

2016 AWARD Most Authentic Horror Movie Scenes

2016 AWARD Best Actor Driven Opening Scene – Todd Merriman as The Devil

2016 AWARD Most Realistic Vampires (Jenna Vondran and Lauren Bradley Cox)

2016 AWARD / Most Intimidating Chainsaw Attacker (Leatherface: James Moore)

2016 AWARD Shout Out Award to the Actor Portraying SAW Pig (Jeremy Lane)

2016 AWARD Shout Out Award to the Actor Portraying Minion (Michael Perkins)

2016 AWARD Shout Out Award to the Actor Portraying Choptop (Joseph Walston)

2015 FRIGHT FIND Ranked as One of the Top Haunted Attractions in the Nation! (only 50 selected)

2015 HAUNT NATION MAGAZINE Officially Selected as One of their “Spine Chilling Haunted Attractions

2015 AWARD One of Louisville’s Top Halloween Attractions

2015 AWARD Top 5 Rated Haunts for 2015

2015 AWARD The Best of 2015 (Top 13 Attractions)

2015 AWARD Highest Rated Cast Award

2015 AWARD Best Costumes

2015 AWARD Most Authentic Horror Movie Scenes

2015 AWARD Best Opening Character (The Devil: Todd Merriman)

2015 AWARD Best Actor (Priest from Exorcist: Jake Rogers)

2015 AWARD Best Actress (Regan from Exorcist: Hannah Nussbaum)

2015 AWARD / Most Intimidating Chainsaw Attacker (Leatherface: James Moore)

2015 AWARD Scariest Actress (Reagan from Exorcist: Hannah Nussbaum)

2015 AWARD Most Realistic Vampires (Jenna Vondran & Anna Shelton)

2015 AWARD Shout Out Award to The Krampus (Daniel West)

2015 AWARD Shout Out Award to The Turning Werewolf (Braedon Kincaid)

2015 AWARD Shout Out Award to The Angry Princess (Mary Proctor)

2014 AWARD One of Louisville’s Top Halloween Attractions

2014 AWARD Top 10 Scariest Attractions within the Region

2014 AWARD The Best of 2014 (Top 13 Attractions)

2014 AWARD Highest Rated Cast Award

2014 AWARD Best Costumes

2014 AWARD Most Intimidating Chainsaw Attacker (Leatherface: James Moore)

2014 AWARD  Shout Out Award to the Angry Princess character (Morgan Dayton)

2014 AWARD Most Captivating Scene (Vampire Scene: Caitlin Clemons and Mary Proctor)

2014 AWARD Best Lighting

2014 AWARD Most Improved

2013 AWARD One of Louisville’s Top Halloween Attractions

2013 AWARD Highest Rated Cast Award

2013 AWARD Best Costumes

2013 AWARD Most Authentic Movie Villians Award

2013 AWARD Best Lighting

2013 AWARD Most Realistic Costume – Werewolf (Cisco Morales and Braedon Kincaid)

2013 AWARD Best Actress Award – Character: Regan “The Exorcist” (Beth Beck)

2013 AWARD  Scariest Actress Award – Character: The Angry Princess “13 Ghosts” (Dakota Wright)

2013 AWARD Shout Out Award for Dr. Frankenstein Character (Bryan Schneider)

2012 AWARD One of Louisville’s Top Halloween Attractions

2012 AWARD Best Actress Award  – Character: The Angry Princess (Dakota Wright)

2012 AWARD Shout Out Award for The Exorcist Scene – Character: Regan (Beth Beck and Alex Foote)

2011 AWARD Most Provocative Scene Award 2011 – Character: The Angry Princess (Dakota Wright)



For the last 8 years (a.k.a.: “the dawn of recorded time”), The Devil has been scouring the Earth and harvesting the most wicked souls that he could find. “Here, in [his] attic, they are crammed,” and he has them on display for you to behold in all of hellish fury.

Specializing in some of the lesser-seen horror movie characters, The Devils Attic (DA) has some of the most intense monsters you can find. Around nearly every corner, someone or someTHING was trying to kill us, suck our blood, feed us to others or take our souls! (We kindly told them we were still using these things at the time… much to their disappointment) On top of that, they were contained within realistic scenes that provided a completely immersive experience.

“Step inside [the Devil’s] house of horrors” and “witness all the pain and sorrows…,” that is, if you think you can make it out alive.


For a “no touch” haunt, these characters knew just how close they could get to us to take us out of our comfort zones with ease. If you attend on one of their “Chaos” nights, this boundary goes out the window and you’ll be getting their full contact, no-holds-barred show. We’ve yet to attend one of those nights ourselves, but we’ve heard great things and DA has plans to offer more of these extreme shows this year (more information in Value).

A very big part of what makes DA’s show so convincing are their costumes and makeup. Most of the costumes are so complete and believable that they might actually be the real deal! Each of the masks were very high quality (some are silicone pieces) that added an extra touch of authenticity to the characters wearing them. This was especially true in the Hellraiser, Egyptian, Sleepy Hollow, Leatherface, Saw and introduction areas.

The DA’s shining star in this category is by far their scene designs. Nearly each and every one of them offers walls, props and decor that have been meticulously scrutinized and detailed with jeweler’s precision. Some of the scenes you can find include a dungeon, a laboratory, a bridge through a corn field (yep, you read that right), a “pick-a-door” entrapment, a bloody bathroom and much, much more! Realistic cobwebs, lighting, furniture, props and, on occasion, surround-sound audio add the finishing touches that are necessary to take their scenes over the top. Some of the specific effects you may find include several large creatures, skull-covered walls, miniature heads, blood sprays, multiple ghastly apparitions, saws, body parts, animal bones, corn stalks… the list goes on and on. Some of the most unique include the Egyptian ritual and a “special” mirror in the Bloody Mary scene.


While each of the evil entities you’ll find here are some of the most malicious monsters out there, another thing to consider is that the DA is one of the only haunts in the area that still focuses entirely on movie and TV show characters. With the unique twist of being “the most wicked souls” the Devil could find, it’s hard to dispute that everything has its place here and rightfully so.

First off, there was quite a bit of threatening and demanding dialogue used, which really increased the overall intensity of the attraction. The assailants were relentless in their demands and didn’t let up until we stepped out of – or were far away from – their scenes. Just about every time we turned around, they would be stalking or staring at us with a maniacal grin.

Although we don’t want to ruin the surprise, the last segment of the haunt had a nice buildup of suspense and prepared us for being chased by the largest chainsaws we’ve seen to date. If you run, you will be chased, no doubt!

Last season, the Devil brought a new experience to the Earth’s surface: “CHAOS,” which is a full-contact, no-holds-barred haunt experience. This year, they will be bringing this back for two nights only! To participate in this event, you must be 18 years of age or older and sign a waiver. It is warned that you will be grabbed, bitten, licked and violated, so if a more extreme experience is what you seek, then be sure to visit their website for more information on the event. CHAOS tickets have a $5.00 upcharge from the regular ticket prices.

If you enjoy reliving some of the most popular and unique horror films of all time in a very realistic environment, then The Devil’s Attic has a special place for you and, as the Devil told us upon entering, “See you soon.”


Madmen, monsters and spirits from another dimension thrive at The Devil’s Attic. They call this fortress of fear their home and they’re waiting for you to enter its haunted halls. The Devil’s Attic is a living breathing nightmare with great detail and heart racing scares. This is a haunt that features many classic horror movies, but The Devil’s Attic makes them quite unique and memorable. New this year, is Universal’s The Mummy from 1932. This is a highly detailed scene that combines elements of the Boris Karloff’s classic with the 1996 movie Stargate.

The Devil’s Attic features some great lighting. Many of the scenes utilize led spotlights which are good for highlighting detail without making the scene too bright. You’re not going to see many bare walls at The Devil’s Attic since it’s a seamless transition from room to the next. Last season, 2012’s Maniac remake was introduced. This scene is pretty creepy. Mannequins with human scalps decorate the room. I almost felt like they were watching me.

The costumes are very realistic at The Devil’s Attic. Uncle Frank from Clive Barker’s Hellraiser looks like his skin has been ripped off. Flesh and bone has been exposed. The actors do a convincing job. Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist thrashes back and forth as she’s tied to the bed and the actor playing Ash from The Evil Dead does a commendable job. But of course I can’t forget the Devil who’s played by Todd Merriman. He’s the one who explains the backstory of the haunt and gets people excited for what they’re about to see. You can tell that he loves playing the prince of darkness and doesn’t mind raising a little hell.

The Devil’s Attic uses some impressive props and effects, but doesn’t over do it. The Pit and the Pendulum scene has a bloody surprise and Victor Frankenstein creates human life in his laboratory.

The Devil’s Attic is one of the best haunts Kentucky has to offer. It’s intense, frightening and a one hell of a good time. You definitely don’t want to miss out on The Devil’s Attic this Halloween season and tell the Devil that City Blood sent you.



We’ve been visiting the Devil’s Attic for as long as they’ve been open (6 years) and we’re always amazed at how much they’ve grown and at the performances they give our group. Well, this year was no different! The DA earns their spot among some of the most intense shows we’ve ever experienced where the actors/actresses DON’T touch! Now, don’t let that fool you… this crew knows exactly how far they can rip into your personal space bubble and almost every one of them will! At The DA, you are in Satan’s attic, which is filled with his “collection” of the most sick, twisted, demented and evil souls that he could conjure up. The thing is, they ALL want one thing… to kill you in some way, shape or form! Of course, Satan himself will be there to welcome all of the brave souls who have taken it upon themselves to enter his Hell! If you are one of those brave souls and enjoy quality costuming and acting, join the rest of the tormented souls at The Devil’s Attic this season and “Live the Nightmare” for yourselves! Oh, and for those of you who are a bit on the freakier side and DO want to be touched, they will be holding a special event this season for one night only called, “Chaos: Full Contact Haunt Experience!” More details can be found on this event in our “Value” category below.

When you visit the DA, you may notice quite a few familiar characters and, if so, you’ll likely notice that they’re exactly as you’ve seen them in movies (or sometimes, even meaner)! First of all, each of the cast members did a wonderful job during our visit this season, so they all deserve a big Team Zombillies *high five*! They were very energetic, demanding and in our faces while they explained their experiments to us, begged us for our blood, made us say things like, “Yes! You’re pretty,” tried giving us kisses, beat on glass doors with bats, smelled us and demonically told us “the sal is mine!” Most of the time, they were in our personal zones so much that we smelled the majority of their breaths (which, fortunately, just smelled like humans so that was normal). We encountered at least one demented soul in each scene so there were plenty of crew members present during our visit. However, this may vary per night, as with any haunted attraction. The Pig in the Saw area got his knife as close to us as possible (we’re talking millimeters), led us the WRONG way and even snuck up behind us, catching us off-guard, making him one of the most interactive characters we came across. Chop Top was also verbally and physically interactive with our group as he herded us into a corner, tucked his napkin in his shirt, and proceeded to sniff us to see if we were “worthy enough of his family’s expectations.” We can’t list them all because we don’t want to ruin all the fun but other notable characters included “Minion,” The Headless Horseman, Bloody Mary, Uncle Frank, Pinhead and of course, Satan himself for their exceptional performances and dialogue towards our group. We would also like to make a special mention to the Scarecrow in the queue area and his little pitch fork he was toting around this season!

The costumes that we noticed at DA were all complete, believable and of top-notch quality. Given their movie character-based theme, The DA strives to make each of their monsters as realistic and accurate as possible. Exceptional wounds and airbrushed designs intensified the characters that were detailed with them, along with many colored contacts, a skin-toned morph suit and even razor sharp teeth! We’d say about half of them used high-end masks versus makeup, usually for the more outlandish characters where makeup isn’t feasible to do on a nightly basis, like Pighead, the werewolf, Krampus, Minion, Pinhead and Leatherface, just to name a few. Speaking of wild-looking villains, The DA has a bunch of them and most of them aren’t the ones you’ll see at other haunts with similar themes to this. Aside from those we just mentioned, they’ve also got the Headless Horseman, cenobites, Bloody Mary, 13 Ghosts characters (including the Jackal and The Angry Princess), Dr. Frankenstein (and his creation), Reagan and the Priest from The Exorcist, the Devil himself and even a few original characters of their own! Each of the costumes were tailored wonderfully to their scenes and their great detail work helped make them even more believable. To be picky, some of the costumes weren’t *quite* as elaborate as others, but it didn’t necessarily take much away from the characters wearing them.

The building that The DA is located in looks pretty dilapidated and creepy by itself, which really helps set off the overall spooky atmosphere and it serves as a prelude to the realism depicted inside. Seeing the haunt’s hearse parked next to the building is always a major key factor in helping to make us feel like we are at a haunted attraction and not some abandoned structure. A local radio station is on site occasionally for music and “haunt-y” music is usually in place outside the attraction the rest of the time. “Orlock” and The Scarecrow, which are The DA’s resident vampire & queue entertainer, respectively, can often be found stirring up scares and laughs for guests as they prepare to enter the haunt, although special guests Eric and Lisa Vysther were present during our visit, getting some blood-sucking screams of their own! The ticket taker at the door had to sneak in one last reminder that we were in fact getting ready to be frightened as the door slammed behind us!

The Devil’s Attic offers some of the most highly-detailed scenes for an indoor haunted house in the Louisville area. It’s like each room takes you to an entirely different place, yet they all share a common “darkness” that ties them all together. From skulls, statues, cobwebs and flickering candles to blood-flinging blades, a laboratory, a demonic creature (that bites), disorienting pathways and, oh yes, the longest chainsaw we’ve ever seen, there’s plenty to behold at The DA! A few brand new scenes and changes were added for the 2016 season, including Bloody Mary, a REAL bone wall and a deceiving room full of mannequins! Background music and sound effects kept things from getting quiet throughout the haunt and we even noticed a “surround sound” effect in one of the scenes, although there were just a few spots where the audio couldn’t be heard quite as well. As far as effectiveness, everything was set up in ways that kept our attention flowing around the rooms, which made for some pretty good distractions and the actors didn’t hesitate to take advantage of them!

The Devil’s Attic is, essentially, a movie character-based haunt. The Devil starts the show by filling you in on what you’re about to see, which is “the most wicked of [his] collection” of evil souls that he’s been gathering “since before the dawn of recorded time….” Each of the characters and scenes that we encountered left us with little doubt that he’s got good taste! While not the most original theme out there, The DA makes up for it with execution and attention to detail. Taking all the haunts we visit into consideration, we have noticed that they tend to use some scenes and characters that we don’t see being used in many other haunts that also utilize legendary and movie characters.

The combination of special effects and a highly-trained cast makes The DA one of the scariest shows in the Louisville area! Their detailed scenes gave them some good hiding spots (a couple were even in plain sight) and a few of the props were able to provide our group with scares all by themselves. The DA is a no-touch haunt and, although fright levels ranged from rushing assaults and some VERY close encounters with realistic weapons to “pop scares,” screeches and intimidating stares, each of them maintained a high level of intensity that kept us on our toes, for sure! For those that are 18 and over and want “the house special,” these guys will be hosting a special “Chaos” event one night only in October that will include being “bitten, licked, dragged and violated,” so bring your big girl panties for that one! We’re not sure exactly what they’ll have in store for you, but their Facebook event says you’ll need to sign a waiver… so it’s gotta be good!


Vampires roam the grounds of The Devil’s Attic as a scarecrow waits to step down from his perch. An old brick building is home to a living nightmare beyond words. Are you ready to escape to a world of the unknown? This is City Blood’s review of The Devil’s Attic in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Devil’s Attic is simply one of the best haunts in the state of Kentucky. Your trip through terror beings as you meet the devil himself. This haunt is a collection of your worst fears and you’ll become part of your favorite horror movies. New this year is a creepy mannequin scene that’s straight from 2012’s Maniac remake. Watch out or you might get scalped. The Devil’s Attic has some unique effects. A pendulum slices into a victim as blood sprays all over. You might even be attacked by a massive goat head that lurks in the darkness.

The Devil’s Attic uses LED lighting to highlight detail and characters wear elaborate costumes. My favorite was the actor playing Frank Cotton. It actually looked like his skin had been ripped off just like in the movie Hellraiser. No stone is left unturned and the 13 Ghosts section even has an actress playing the Angry Princess. She wears a nude body suit and wants to tear you to shreds. Iconic horror legends like Krampus and Bloody Mary live at The Devil’s Attic. Don’t say Bloody Mary 3 times in the mirror or you might end up in a body bag.

Classic horror movies like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Frankenstein and even The Exorcist are center stage at The Devil’s Attic. But this is a haunt that adds little touches to make these movies shine. Before entering The Exorcist room, customers are greeted by a projected image of the demon Pazuzu. The Devil’s Attic does its best to make these scenes as real as possible and the actors can be quite intimidating. I felt like I was a pig being led to the slaughter as a cannibal licked his lips and sniffed me from head to toe.

The Devil’s Attic feels like a real cinematic experience and there wasn’t a single actor that came out of character. There’s very little to complain about. It’s obvious that those who work on The Devil’s Attic have a true passion for horror movies. This is a fun haunt with vampires, killers and unspeakable creatures. Total tour time is 12 minutes, but could be longer if you get lost in the Saw maze. General admission is $20 which is two more dollars than last year. VIP Tickets are $24 a person. Click here for a $2 off coupon. Don’t forget to get your picture taken and to buy some Devil’s Attic memorabilia to remember your visit. The drink koozies are only two bucks


A trip through The Devil’s Attic has quickly become as much of a Halloween tradition to me as watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” or attending the latest performance of “Dracula” at Actors Theatre. It just wouldn’t feel like Halloween if I didn’t enter Satan’s throne room and get sent on a supernatural tour of the most evil souls from literature, myth and cinema. This year, Satan has several new sights to show you that will inevitably haunt your nightmares for months to come.

The Devil’s Attic remains one of the most detailed and atmospheric haunted attractions I’ve ever experienced with flickering candlelit corridors, cobblestone walls full of skulls and Gothic ambience galore. In some ways, I feel the same way about The Devil’s Attic as I do about Walt Disney’s The Haunted Mansion; I don’t want it to change too much! Halloween is rooted in tradition and nostalgia and there are too many scenes at The Devil’s Attic I look forward to each year and would miss them if they were replaced.

Owner/operator Jason Besemann’s solution this season has been to expand his legion of evil souls and classic scenes rather than replacing existing ones. This year guests are subjected to a new scene based on “Maniac” (2012) staringElijah Wood. If mannequins creep you out, you’re in deep trouble. (Behind-the-scenes trivia: Keep a sharp eye out in this scene for a prop built by makeup and effects guru, Matt Goodlett, for Troy King’s local film, “Viridescent” featuring John Wells, Sabrina Scott and Al Snow.)

Another new scene explores the ghostly urban legend of Bloody Marry. According to folklore, if one stares into a mirror in a dimly lit or candlelit room and repeatedly calls out to “Bloody Marry,” the specter of a long dead witch will appear. This scene features one of the coolest and spookiest original special effects I’ve seen in a haunt in some time.

Returning classic scenes include Frankenstein’s laboratory, the vampire’s crypt, the werewolf’s dungeon, Edgar Allan Poe’s torture room, Sleepy Hollow, an extended version of the ghost hallway, the Evil Dead, Saw, 13 Ghosts, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and much, much more.


The Real Scream Queens went to this fun and huge indoor haunted attraction the last weekend in September.  It was one of the most articulate sets we’ve seen here in Kentucky.  The attention to detail really helped create a mood of mayhem and macabre, which is right up our alley! The characters were done extremely well and we think you will enjoy yourselves from the line all the way through the 10,000 square feet of the Devil’s madness.  They’ve got creepy critters to keep you on your toes in the line as well as a theatrical production and horror movies playing while you wait just to get you in the mood.  😉  We also feel it’s worth a mention that there is a covered line…so rain or dark…they’ve got you covered-literally!!


Donna – Devils attic is a must see if you are in the Louisville area.  This year was a bit different from  last year and the fact that they added a few more animatronics and changed up some of the rooms however the theme remains the same and it’s a good one. We look forward to the Devils attic every year and this year was no different.

Teresa – If you love horror movies, this is the place for you! First off, it is in a creepy old building. Second, there are some very bizarre and devilish characters wandering around outside. At some point while you wait, this devil appears on the balcony, and asks his minion to bring him fresh meat, at which point, someone is meticulously selected from the crowd and carried, kicking and screaming, inside. The best part of this one is that every scene inside is from a popular horror movie. It is so fun seeing them in person. They are so professional. And the costumes are magnificent.  I’m also very excited to hear they are doing something called CHAOS this year, which will be full contact, and one night only. This would definitely kick the scare factor into overdrive. I would love to come back for it! I highly recommend this to all horror fans!

Gayle – Well…our group visits The Devil’s Attic every year, and with good reason.  This place is unique in that every room is modeled after a horror movie!  The great thing about it, is they change it up every year, so the annual visitors get to experience something new and different each time they come.  The costumes are impeccable, the attention and level of detail in each set is superb, the actors are on point! This a MUST SEE in the Louisville area!!  Such a well-run and exciting haunt to visit.  I love it!!

Bill – The Devil’s Attic is an amazing haunt! It is the best “movie” themed haunted attraction I know of, where they take pride in recreating scenes from famous horror movies. The makeup and the props are exceptional, and there’s a great scare around every corner.

Gus – The Devil’s Attic has an interesting theme going. The Devil has collected all your favorite horror movies forces you to re-live them. You name it, its in there. Hell Raiser? Got it. Headless Horseman? Got it. Psycho? Got it. Evil Dead? Got it. Each scene is more detailed than the last. Horror fans rejoice!

Todd – The Devil’s Attic has a challenging task – living up to your preconceived expectations. Why? Because many parts of the haunt are recreations of the most iconic scenes and horror movie characters. Horror fanatics know these characters in and out – what they look like, how they behave. Imagine the disappointment you would experience if a haunt had Freddy Kruger and the actor was wearing an all red sweater. You’d cringe. This is a basic example of the detail that The Devil’s Attic crew maintains when bringing the characters to life.

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again – their Hellraiser scene and characters never fail to simply amaze me. They are simply f*cking spot on. Even the mostly-reconstructed Frank is pretty cool looking…but the Cenobites…Wow.

This haunt has also established its own icon – the devil himself. As you enter this haunt you’re greeted by Satan himself – a very impressive looking character. While one cannot really trademark Satan, this haunt’s version has a memorable look that has maintained consistency over the years.


THE SCARE FACTOR “Just when we thought a great haunt couldn’t get any better, The Devil’s Attic proved us wrong! Now in their 6th season for 2015, the Devil’s “collection” of tormenting tyrants continues to terrify Louisville, KY in ways that only the darkest, most sinister souls can impart.

Around 40 cast members compile “…the most wicked of [the Devil’s] collection.” This season, we must say they’re the most relentless crew we’ve seen at The D.A. to date! While still generally adhering to a “no-touch” policy, these ruthless creatures had NO issues invading our “privacy bubble” and letting us know EXACTLY how they earned their place here!

Along with great actors and special effects is a need for great costumes and such attention to detail has not been overlooked by the masterminds at The D.A.. Our review team has the privilege of seeing some of the best costumes in the industry at haunted house conventions and several of the attractions that we’ve visited throughout the years. With that in mind, we don’t have to think twice about saying the ones we saw during our visit of The Devil’s Attic are among the most accurate, realistic and believable we’ve ever seen! Makeup was not to be discounted either, as a few of The D.A.’s characters were sporting realistic wounds and lacerations; one even had a metal plate attached to his skull!

You’ll see some familiar faces in The D.A., as each of these “wicked” beings have been plucked from the scariest scripts of the silver screen. From “Hellraiser” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” to “Evil Dead” and “Saw,” be warned that The Devil’s Attic is a fearsome force to be reckoned with in the Louisville area!”

CITY BLOOD “The Devil’s Attic welcomes you to one of Louisville’s best haunted attractions. You won’t believe the sights you’ll see. An old brick building beckons you to enter its fortress of fear. What lies beyond these walls is inhuman and you’ll require years of therapy after you’re done.

The Devil’s Attic is one of the most detailed haunts in the state of Kentucky. The Devil’s Attic plays homage to classic horror movies from a bygone era and fright flicks that have kept people up at night. There’s something for everyone and you’re sure to recognize many of the movies that are recreated.

The Devil’s Attic is non stop horror from beginning to end. There are only a few times where something or someone isn’t out to get you. You’ll be on the edge of your seat as you walk through this labyrinth of terror. This is a quality haunt that’s improved every year and is showing no signs of slowing down.

The Devil’s attic has proved itself as one of Louisville’s finest haunts. It has a great cast of characters, detailed scenes and it’s downright fun.”

HAUNTED HOUSE TOURS “What an amazing attraction! There are a variety of VERY impressive animatronics throughout but the true highlight and meat and potatoes of the attraction are the actors.  We love the intensity that they have in every scene.  The scenes look like they are taken right from the movie sets.  The actors are some of the best we have seen anywhere and very, VERY convincing.

The attention to detail is amazing in every facet. I took the time to examine a pile of bones. Not only could I see the dirt and grime in the crevasses of the joints, but blood had been applied along with spider webbing. This wasn’t even a focal point of the scene; just something you walk past.

The acting this year was noticeably more exuberant. The Devil’s Attic has never had an issue with acting, but the dial has definitely been turned up a notch which adds to the overall energy of the experience.

The Devil’s Attic still has the most authentic looking costuming and familiar scenes that I have seen in a haunt. The haunt itself remains as impressive as ever. I continue to challenge anyone to find more authentic looking cenobites Pinhead, Butterball and Chatterer. Well worth the trip from Cincinnati!!”

LOUISVILLE HALLOWEEN ( “When I visited The Devils Attic this weekend, the cast and crew were on fire. It was like being on an out of control rollercoaster of terror as soon as Satan opened the door to his domain, ushering us into his world of Gods and Monsters, right through Leatherface’s frantic, climactic chainsaw chase out. Besemann and his cast and crew have turned The Devils Attic into a crackerjack adrenaline ride of jolts that hit you fast and furious….. a good chance you’ll be exhausted from sensory overload by the time you see the light of the moon again upon escaping. I can’t really overstate the quality and craft of make-up, set design and monster making that sets The Devils Attic apart from any other haunt in the region. From the intimidating design of Satan himself to the hulking Krampus in the dark Christmas scene to the most screen accurate chainsaw-handed Ash from “The Evil Dead” series likely to have ever taken part in a haunted attraction, The Devils Attic knows that the devil is in the details and they deliver accordingly!”!/pages/The-Devils-Attic (Guest: Nancy Flickinger) “BEST ATTRACTION IN LOUISVILLE!!! Actors were very professional with everything…costumes were great, makeup was the best I’ve seen I Louisville!”!/pages/The-Devils-Attic (Guest: Anna Albert) “Best haunted house EVER!!! We go to 5-6 haunted houses every year and this year Devil’s Attic wins in my book.”

2014 REVIEWS….

CITY BLOOD “The Devil’s Attic starts with an introduction by the Devil himself. It’s pretty impressive that this actor can remember the same lines night after night. The dialogue is over the top to say the least. The Devil’s Attic has grown a lot since it was originally in an outdoor shopping mall many years ago.

The Devil’s Attic can easily compete with other haunts in the area and has very few flaws. One of the strengths of The Devil’s Attic is its use of LED lighting. Props and detail have just the right amount of light and scenes are neither too bright or dark. The level of detail is pretty incredible. There’s a great mixture of horror movie inspired scenes and original concepts.

The actors were on their A game the night we toured the haunt. There wasn’t one person who came out character and it was obvious that the entire cast was having a great time scaring people

The Devil’s Attic is one of the best haunts in Louisville and you better get your ass down there before the Devil steals your soul.”

LOUISVILLE HALLOWEEN (Guest: Phantom of the Ville) “Located at 647 West Hill Street, the Devil’s Attic is evocative of the mood and atmosphere of those classy, lush horror pictures that chill the blood when the chill fills the air. This is no grungy haunted house with black walls still reeking of cheap paint decorated with props purchased at the Dollar Store.

Oh no, this is the labor of haunted love of Jason Besemann and his dedicated crew, who have spent the last five years turning this building on West Hill Street into a Gothic wonderland and filling it with the most evil souls ever to torment your nightmares in legend, literature and horror movies.

You won’t find better set design, make up and special effects anywhere in the Ville. The Devil’s Attic is covered in floor to ceiling detail to the extent that one can barely take it all in on a single trip through the twisting, turning maze. You’ll pass through skull covered hallways, foggy crypts and forgotten dungeons as you make your way past some of the most evil characters ever created.

If quality of set design, make-up and acting are more important to you than length, then the Devil’s Attic should definitely be at the top of your list of haunts to experience this Halloween.”

THE SCARE FACTOR “The Devil’s Attic welcomes their customers to year number 5 for the 2014 haunt season! TDA continues to bring customers a “live theatrical performance” and many changes were noticed since our last visit. The show includes some of Louisville’s finest actors and actresses, not to mention their attention to detail, scenes, and props! If you’re feeling a bit ‘evil’ and looking for a place to find some of Hollywood’s lesser-used movie scenes as well as a few that you just might recognize, then “Live the Nightmare” at The Devil’s Attic!

35 to 40 actors fill the voids of the demonic hallways inside The Devil’s Attic on a typical night. During our tour, most of them were found interacting with their scenes and props very well and some of them even physically interacted with our group by making us stop or take off running in fear! Not only was the actors’ dialogue well-scripted, their enthusiasm and dedication to their characters comes through in their vocal tones as well! A final praise was their good scare timing when our group walked through their scenes.

Our review team never ceases to be amazed at the level of detail applied to each and every costume at The Devil’s Attic! ….costumes were very realistic and …..debatably the most complete in the Louisville area! Because TDA’s theme is about the most evil souls that the Devil has collected over time, it makes sense that some of the most well-known movie villain costumes are scattered throughout the attraction.

Scares were delivered in various forms during our visit to “Hell,” from slight creepiness, confusion, and intimidation to uneasy situations, entrapment, and a run in with a giant, growling chainsaw operated by the towering Leatherface himself! Numerous distractions were used that effectively aided in supplying surprises to everyone in our group! Some of the characters had very unique hiding spots and perfect timing, which resulted in our group timidly approaching corners and rooms! There were also a few things that you wouldn’t think twice about being real, and we assure you, some of them are! Overall, many of these horror villains were familiar to us and aren’t very friendly to begin with, so when they were successfully portrayed right in front of us, it made for a frightful time!

If you are in the Louisville area this Halloween season and want to “jump into” some of your favorite horror movies, then be sure to visit The Devils Attic!”!/pages/The-Devils-Attic (Guest: Lucian Tomes, Jr.) “Stopped in tonight with the crew from 7th Street Haunt and having been in the biz for over 35 years now, all I can say is that the show, from start to finish, was like nothing I’d ever seen before and top-notch every step of the way. From the amiable Nosferatu chatting with folks outside to a personal audience with the Devil himself at the beginning, you’ll move on to encounter a cornucopia of cinematic-inspired monsters and maniacs and there’s even a dash of Edgar Allan Poe thrown in as well. Just a few of the highlights were the “Saw” maze which will REALLY screw with your head, a mad scientist lab (which delivers a great scare via a clever bit of staging) and an appearance by one movie monster that, to the best of my knowledge, has NEVER been portrayed in one of the area’s haunts before (and NO, I’m not going to spoil the surprise and tell you who/what it is!). Special kudos to the actresses who were there last night, who went out of their collective way to prove that they can be every bit as menacing as their male counterparts. All-in-all, a truly memorable experience guaranteed to put you in the Halloween mood.”!/pages/The-Devils-Attic (Guest: Samantha Tindle) “The Devils Attic is awesome, we go every year keeps getting better !!!!”!/pages/The-Devils-Attic (Guest: Verity Vice) “The Devil is in the details… an excellent haunt, and a thrilling night. Good work! I officially support The Devils Attic.”

2013 REVIEWS…..

LOUISVILLE HALLOWEEN (Guest: Phantom of the Ville) “The Prince of Darkness sits upon his throne in the opening scene of The Devil’s Attic at 647 West Hill Street, watching each group of foolish mortals as they dare to enter his kingdom. He will try to warn you about the nightmares you’ll encounter if you pass the threshold into his inner sanctum through the door beyond, but you may be too distracted by the Gothic visual splendor around you to hear his dire words.

Now in its fourth season of tormenting souls, The Devil’s Attic has ultimately become one of the most intricately detailed haunts I’ve ever explored, and this year I have to congratulate owner/operator, Jason Besemann, for delivering the best make-up and costumed characters of any haunt I’ve experienced so far this season. All the nastiest villains of literature and the movies are brought to life inside. Besemann’s haunt has come a long, long way in just four years, and it’s his eye for extreme detail that sets The Devil’s Attic apart from the crowd.”

THE SCARE FACTOR “2013 is The Devil’s Attic’s 3rd year in operation at their location on W. Hill Street in Louisville and their 4th year altogether. The staff and actors behind The Devil’s Attic have taken this attraction to the next level by adding and renovating their scenes to be sure that you’ll experience the most authentic and scary Hollywood moments in history.

The dialogue chosen by each of the actors matched their characters and relative themes flawlessly and most of them were able to interact with us while still being scary and intimidating. This made them very believable and is a testament to the training they received before the season began.

One of the things that The Devil’s Attic’s crew focused on this year was paying attention to details and adding props where needed to various scenes this season, and it shows! The scenes were laid out in such realistic fashion that we had no problems with figuring out where we were walking into.

The idea behind The Devil’s Attic is that the Devil has put on display “…the most wicked…” compilation of souls he could find on Earth, which just so happens to be primarily movie characters. But these aren’t your typical haunt characters, like Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, and Freddy Kreuger. In fact, you won’t see them here at all! The haunt is debatably the best we’ve seen so far with movie characters, and they even throw in a few original characters like the Devil and Orlock.

Because of the realism and accuracy of the characters and their scenes, The Devil’s Attic is one scary place to be! Another focus of their staff this year was to lock down some good distraction techniques, which they did. We found ourselves multiple times interacting with one character while another one would sneak up on us from another direction. Good hiding spots are used which made them difficult to predict and several types and levels of scares are delivered after they’ve revealed themselves, like screams, intimidating demands and pleas for help.

If your looking for a haunt in the Louisville area with some of the finest movie characters around and a good bang-for-your-buck factor, then be sure to hit The Devil’s Attic, where you can definitely “Live the Nightmare!”

HAUNTED HOUSE TOURS “This haunt was pretty amazing. The actors were believable and the costumes are impressive and well-done. As a horror-movie fanatic, I loved the themed rooms, which were all very detailed and did its celluloid counterpart justice. I’ve seen other haunts attempt movie themes, but seem to fall short on acting ability and decor…. Overall, this was a very entertaining and creepy joint! There were some shocking scenes, and many good scares throughout. Great job!!…. The length was also good, there is nothing worse than a haunt that’s too short, but that was not a problem here. You could tell that these guys really got into their decorations. Great experience!

This 4th year haunt was a true breath of fresh air with haunt designs. Clever, well organized, great costumes and actors, scenes that ran the gamut from funny to terrifying and fantastic special effects. Each room was designed to mimic a movie about hell or the devil with all the gruesome details. I loved the Devil at the beginning of the haunt. He sets the tone for the whole haunt and really sold the character in his performance. Great job, fun haunt, highly recommend a visit!”


The Set Design – There were some very awesome scenes in here that actually induced fear enough for the four of us to form a chain (with me thrust to the front) to make our way through the maze of rooms adorned with some pretty intricate details. A lot of work goes into this design every year, and not only does it show, it pays off.

The Actors – Honestly, I’ve come to think Louisville has some of the most talented actors and actresses out there. I wasn’t let down in any way by the actors, who had me squawking and screaming as they threatened my life. Once again, you impressed me.

The Shock Factor – There were more shocks than I can even number off here. Again, another compliment to both the actors and the designers for making us scream too much to remember. There was a happy balance here, because this haunt doesn’t rely solely on the “Boo” factor. There was just the right amount to keep us on our toes and wondering when something else was going to pop up, doing so at just the right moment when we were distracted by the other elements of the haunt.

The Scare Factor – Again, a beautiful balance between shock and actual fear, though I will admit I refused to let go of Aly’s hand at one point and she may or may not have lost some circulation for a while. It was definitely creepy and you just get filled with that feeling of dread and impending doom. You really didn’t know what to expect walking around from room to room, with the anticipation building for the next horrifying scene.

Originality – I hate it when there are a bajillion Jason’s and Freddy’s, though by now you probably know this. It makes it almost impossible to have movie characters at all without seeming cliche. Thankfully, The Devil’s Attic made it happen and they weren’t cliche….everything about this house from the layout to the costumes to the actors and everything in between was very creative and original.

Other Factors Influencing My Rating – The haunt was way longer this year than it was last year. I recall last year it seemed to be about half as long, but this time, it seemed to just keep going, which is awesome.

Overall Entertainment – This haunt really impressed me. It impressed all of us, really. The fun began as soon as you got inside the haunt and didn’t end until you were outside again. It was fun, it was scary, and either I’m being very lenient or everyone is stepping it up this year, I can’t find much of anything I didn’t like about this haunt. I have to score it at 4.5 Stars. This was truly amazing and I screamed my throat out. Literally. My throat is killing me today and I woke up with half my voice.”

CITY BLOOD “The Devil’s Attic is one of Louisville’s Premier haunted attractions. Inside an old brick building is a house of horrors of unspeakable atrocities. Some of your favorite horror movies come out to play at The Devil’s Attic and they welcome you to their twisted world.

The Devil’s Attic is an extremely detailed haunt and the lighting is superb. Many scenes use LED Lighting to save on electricity and to highlight details. There are plenty of scenes that focus on horror flicks. Dr. Frankenstein’s lab is dark and electrifying. You’ll meet Frankenstein’s Monster in a very unique way. The Devil’s Attic uses contortionists in The Exorcist and The Ring scene. The Exorcist scene is quite bloody and the priest and possessed girl are very convincing. You would swear that you just walked in on a real life exorcism and were being cast off into hell.

You’ll meet some iconic characters like Pumpkin Head, Pinhead, the Wolfman, Leatherface and many ghouls and creatures from beyond the grave. The Thirteen Ghosts room is pretty intense. You’ll meet the Angry Princess who wears a body suit to makes it look like she’s nude. You’ll also meet The Jackal. He’s a sick freak with an insatiable appetite for prostitutes. He committed himself to an insane asylum and has been permanently bound to a straight jacket. He wears a cage over his head for your protection.

We always have a wonderful time at The Devil’s Attic. It’s one of the most detailed haunts in Kentucky and one hell of a good time.”!/pages/The-Devils-Attic (Guest:Anthony Salinas) “You all put on one hell of a haunt! I’ve been 3 years ago, but it was NOTHING compared to how it was this past weekend when my sister and I went. It was non stop and NO TIME to catch our breath lol the exorcist scene was FLAWLESS!!!” (Guest: Ed) “One badass haunt!!!!!!!!  All the actors stayed in character and were totally intense throughout the entire haunt.  I love some of the changes to the haunt this year.  Some of the scenes really gave me an errie feeling but that is what it was suppose to do.   The folks at the Devil’s Attic need to be very proud!!  they have something special there!!!  The other haunts need to take notice!!!!”

2012 REVIEWS….

HAUNTCAST (The Vysther Haunt Journal) “I’ve got one Hell of a haunt to tell you about…this month, we’re off to Louisville, KY to visit The Devil’s Attic. In 2012, they ranked as one of Louisville’s Top Must-See haunts and they are rapidly gaining a reputation as the one’s to watch out there… Why is that? A lot of it comes down to atmospherics, lighting and prop designs. These folks get it that a lot of an attraction’s effectiveness comes down to presentation and they are extremely good at it…plus the actors here are top notch, going above and beyond to make you scream your lungs out.

This is another terrific example of making the most of props and actors and limiting the CGI and animatronics. The Attic harkens back to the ’70s and ’80s when imagination was king and your haunt lived or died based on these. The Devil’s Attic is a text-book example of what a superb haunt should be.”

THE SCARE FACTOR “The Devil’s Attic returns in 2012 for their 3rd year of providing the Louisville area with scares and their 2nd year in their new 15,000 square-foot building! … The Devil himself welcomes you to his domain before you enter the passageways where you’ll find some of the most iconic movie scenes that so many of us grew up fearing!

Costuming design and makeup application are conducted by 2 to 3 in-house staff members and their attention to detail makes the majority of actors who don’t wear masks’ characters appear extremely authentic! The majority of the scenes and props found therein are detailed very well and made it very easy for us to find out exactly what scenes they were meant to portray….the scenes from The Exorcist and Saw were exquisitely detailed and blurred the line between reality and fiction!

As a rule, The Devil’s Attic is a collection of original characters and scenes that are exclusive to this haunt mixed with another collection of debatably some of the most legendary movie scenes that Hollywood has ever produced! The Devil’s Attic gets high marks on following through with this theme which reflects in a slight increase in score in this category, but because of its name, some patrons may expect to find more original and demonic characters than those they can find on the movie shelf at home. On the other hand, the characters and scenes that were chosen to fill the space inside The Devil’s Attic are a few of the more demonic and monstrous ones, and therefore well-chosen, so we give the D.A. props for bringing these scenes to life as well as they do!

Are you visiting Louisville for the 2012 haunt season? Do you enjoy getting to meet some of your favorite horrific movie characters in person? Then make sure to visit The Devil’s Attic and “live the nightmare” yourself!”

CITY BLOOD “The Devil’s Attic is in its third year of operation and has gradually improved over time. It’s become a favorite for many haunt enthusiasts including City Blood.

The Devil’s Attic has a plethora of scenes that are dark and twisted. One of my personal favorites is the laboratory which has a very startling surprise. You’ll escape from reality when you enter scenes from well known horror movies like Hellraiser, Sleepy Hollow, Thirteen Ghosts, The Ring, The Exorcist, Saw and more…

The Devil’s Attic has a variety of rooms that will get your heart racing. The psychiatric hospital is one of the most intense areas of the haunt and it features corpses rising from the dead, a demented doctor, a twisted hospital staff and a gory surprise. You will get wet.

The Devil’s Attic has great décor and many new set pieces have been added this year to enhance the experience. I particularly enjoyed the bleeding skulls that dripped into a bath tub.

The Devil’s Attic is one of our favorite haunts in the Louisville area…. The scenes are detailed and have great lighting. The actors are great and for the most part do a wonderful job in the majority of scenes.

The Devil’s Attic is slowly becoming one of the must see haunts in Louisville, Kentucky. If you love horror movies, good set design and want to have a good time then The Devil’s Attic is what you’re looking for.”

LOUISVILLE.COM (Guest and performing artist: Divinity Rose) “It’s the haunting season and Jason Besemann’s The Devil’s Attic continues to be my favorite local way to celebrate. The haunted house is psychologically disturbing and fun thanks to their masterful use of lighting, props and costuming, which have increased this year. The haunt has added new scenes, increasing the amount of time it takes to go through, and I am continually impressed with their eye for detail. The artist in me wanted to stop and really take each scene in, but the human in me was too busy moving away from the spooks.

The story behind The Devil’s Attic: the devil has gathered many horrific souls in one place. Think about some of the scariest movies out there and you’ll recognize the characters as you move through the haunted house.

I get pretty tense in haunted houses, so I think I put holes in my guy pal’s jacket with my nails as I clung to his back and pushed him through. Everywhere I saw an opening where someone might pop out, I turned him like a human shield to defend me. I wasn’t the only one who jumped and squealed. The guys in my group each had their turn being startled. The actors eat it up when they find a girl who’s squealing, so at the end, one in particular made it a point to stay right on top of me begging the guys to “leave her with me. All in all, this team of terrors goes out of their way to make sure you have a great and ghoulish time.”

LOUISVILLE HALLOWEEN (Guest: Phantom of the Ville)) “Here at the Louisville Halloween website, we don’t like to start in the shallow end of the pool, so we’re climbing all the way up to start in the attic, The Devil’s Attic! Located at 647 West Hill Street in the old Jobson Printing Company building, which was built in 1914, The Devil’s Attic offers 10,000 square feet of terror. This is the third year in the Ville for this haunt, and it has doubled in size every year so far since its humble beginnings in a strip mall in Jefferson County.

It all begins in a Gothic chamber ruled by the Devil himself, who warns those that are about to pass through the fiery gates of his domain to “abandon all hope” if they are to proceed. The group that I was with lost one member in the very first room; a 6 foot 6 six inch, muscularly built gentlemen was left bent over, gasping for air after the first shocking scare and had to bypass the rest of the tour.

The passages through the Devil’s Attic are detailed with walls covered in skulls and ancient crypts, creating an oppressive atmosphere filled with dread. I was thrilled to see scenes from classic American Halloween tales like Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” alongside moody British horror classics like Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.” You’ll also see great scenes from contemporary horror films, like the 2001 version of “13 Ghosts” with it’s amazing “glass house” set. If I had to pick one scene that really blew me away, it would be the “Exorcist” scene influenced by some of the recent films about demonic possession. Besemann has gone as far as to hire a professional contortionist to play the possesed girl in the scene, twisting and bending her body into postions that don’t seem humanly possible! She really, really creeped me out.

I don’t want to spoil all of the other surprises you’ll find deep in the dark corners of Devil’s Attic, so that’s all I’m going to warn you about. The rest of the Attic’s secrets you’ll have to either learn for yourself or be included with my group’s faint of heart gentle giant and end up just one of the many victims unable to survive the terrors of The Devil’s Attic!” (Guest: Stacy Sizemore) “Absolutely amazing job scaring me to death!!….the props and the actors were phenomenal!…well worth every dime:-)” Amanda Light) “So, my first visit was last Saturday. I have already posted how awesome I think this place is BUT,  like I said… I went Saturday, its Tuesday Im still thinking about it. IMPRESSIVE! Best haunt for your dollar, long enough to trade up who has to go first (thanks to the chics we didnt know that went in with us!) And, your warlock, very cool, actors were amazing and…. Pinhead you got me! Thanks for backing off when I announced that I may pee my pants!!!”


THE SCARE FACTOR ( “The Devil’s Attic brings its second year of terrorizing the Louisville area to a whole new level in 2011…. WOW! The cast of The Devil’s Attic is debatably the most well-trained group of actors that the Louisville area has to offer! We wondered if these were really actors or if they were the real demons that have haunted the movie industry for years! …The building just looks like something out of a horror flick and we were not disappointed when we entered the attraction. Special effects are second-to-none at this attraction and every one of them are carefully placed so you receive the maximum scare possible.

Scares are plentiful in The Devil’s Attic for everyone in the group from the leader to the last one in line. These guys don’t give up and will use any means necessary from distraction to startles to misleading animatronics to make you beg for redemption.

Get ready Louisville because The Devil’s Attic is proving to be a force to be reckoned with!”

CITY BLOOD ( “The Devils attic is full of horrific spectacles that Beelzebub would be proud of. Victims cry out in pain as you navigate through horror movie themed areas of the attic. You’ll feel like your part of some of the most famous horror movies of all time and will meet some of the most gruseome horror villians. These aren’t cheap movie scenes either. They are pretty authentic and feature actors who are spot on… I really enjoyed the 13 Ghosts glass walls scene featuring a boxed head freak known as The Jackal and the nude female ghost known as The Angry Princess. Yes, I said nude female ghost. The scene is just like the movie. But, The Devils Attic doesn’t just focus on horror movies. There are many detailed scenes you’ll enter while on your dark journey. There are crypts, a gory hospital, a dark dungeon and much more.

The Devils Attic has moved from an outdoor shopping center to an old dusty building that looks like its out of a spooky ghosty story. It’s only the second year this haunt has been in operation, but it’s making big strives in becoming one of the premier haunts in the Louisvlle area.” (Guest: Kitty) “Wow. Just wow. I’ve never really been one for haunted houses, but still, to make me pee my pants is an incredible feat. (I didn’t even know that was possible– I guess I know it actually does happen to people.) It. Is. Intense. Sadako (Ringu–The Ring) was so awesome! All twitchy and stuff. And freaking creepy as hell doctor and nurses… The line wait is a bit long but that just says to me that it must be a good one or people wouldn’t be lining up to go. It’s not a boring wait either, Orlock is entertaining. I’m telling all my friends that like haunted house to go. Keep up the good work guys!” (Guest: R.denney13) “The Devils Attic is must see haunt. The actors along with the scenes are realistic and The Devil tells you like it is. I have to say this: I have never been to a haunt and thought I was going to get messed up by a serial killer with a rope…..loved it and thats what its all about…..the real feeling of horror!” Simply put…. (Guest: Jason Adams) “Went last night that place kicks ass!”

LOUISVILLE.COM (Guest: Divinity Rose) “I’ve never danced with the devil in the pale moonlight, but I laughed hysterically as he shouted at two girls, causing them to lose their mind and jump into my arms.

Jason Besemann’s Devil’s Attic is quickly climbing through the ranks of Louisville’s haunted houses to be positioned as a local favorite. Character interaction begins while you are in line. I loved the laid back and joking manner of the demon that keeps you company while you’re in line. Two girls that were easy targets arrived in line behind us and were creeped out by his ghoulish appearance. They knocked the line ropes over trying to get away from him. I’m not going to lie. I kind of crushed on him a little. Any guy that lets you hold his heart is a keeper, right? Does that make me twisted?

The setting of the Devil’s Attic is a rundown building near the corner of Seventh and Hill St. It is psychologically disturbing to think about, because a run down building in a forgotten part of town is exactly the type of place people imagine evil stuff taking place in. The concept of the haunt is that the devil has a building where he stores evil and lost souls. The atmosphere is set the minute the attendant opens the door, granting you access. As the door swings open, a puff of fog escapes, and a green laser light aimed directly at you instantly disorients you as you walk towards it and then have to turn right into the unknown.

This crew did a great job of recreating some key horror film icons and scenes…The use of specialized contact lenses on pretty much every actor also helped really transport you to a deranged place. These folks really utilize the magic of lighting as displayed by the way the black lights affect the colors of the contact lenses. I would say the lighting at this haunt really made the experience great for me in addition to the great cast. Every actor did a fantastic job…When I left at the end, I wanted to go right back to the line and go through again. I wanted to spend more time in each scene really taking it all in. Part of the immense amount of fun I had may have been the beautiful skittish girls that kept leaping into my arms.”

2010 REVIEWS….

CITY BLOOD ( “Once we stepped inside The Devil’s Attic, we were quite impressed….The entire cast of The Devil’s Attic are intense and in your face…Overall The Devil’s Attic has a lot of positive qualities that you look for in a great Haunted House.”

THE SCARE FACTOR ( “The awesome detail put into each and every prop is enough to keep you coming back if only to catch what you missed the first time through…This culmination of efforts is proof that …there have been 7 years of thought put together to make a big thing of this small looking package. The placement of special lighting in this haunt is also an impressive effect…What does bring the score up this year is that the tremendous quality of this haunt over-ranks most in the area. The amount of thought and detail in this haunt is what counteracts its short duration. Make sure you plan a trip to visit the Devil for the Halloween season, the haunt may not be the longest, but it offers a lot of detail, props and characters that won’t be experienced at other haunts. Visit your local Horner Novelty for $2.00 discount coupons. Ready to experience you worst nightmares? Visit The Devil’s Attic……Hell awaits!!!!!” (Guest: Brad S): “Went to The Devil’s Attic last night and it was a great new haunt…just what Louisville needs. Have been to all the haunts in southern Indiana and Louisville and this place was quite a surprise…the scenes were awesome and the actors were very intense. We really like the last scene best. Highly recommended!” (Guest: Scott L): “Took my girlfriend and 3 of her friends to this haunted house Saturday night. I literally thought that I would have finger nail marks afterwards as this was one really crazy place. All of the actors were up in your face and relentless. They really liked the devil and the pig guy. Would recommend over the other two we went to that night…” (Guest: Tori L): “Seriously, I haven’t been that scared in years! The friggin’ grudge was the scariest EVER! Thanks for the bottle of water, it may have saved my life…but my voice is still gone.”