2012 Evil Media

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Films 2012:

“Eternal Getaway” shot at The Devil’s Attic directed by Todd Merriman

Eternal Getaway from Clint Watson on Vimeo.

Fresh Pot Production’s 48 Hour Film Project entry in Louisville for 2012.

Interviews 2012:

Check Out Our 2012 Interview On Frakkin Nerds.Com!


The Devils Attic WDRB Fox Interview 2012!!


Take a listen to a podcast we did at The Devils Attic with the fellas from the Return of the Living podcast….Todd and Jason talk haunt shop, animatronic bears and about 12 year old little boy clowns….


TV Commercials 2012:

Radio Spots 2012:

Click Here To Listen To The New 2012 Devils Attic Radio Spot !!!

Print Media 2012: